Hi there, I'm Elliot Speck, alter ego Aeyrix. I'm a code crafter from Queensland, Australia working primarily with C, C++, Ruby, and Rust. I also dabble in a few other languages.

I currently work as a cyber-security and forensics consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers Australia. In my own time, I'm the root administrator for a pseudonymous social network called Penumbra. You may be interested.

I previously worked at RamNode as a virtualisation technician, and I maintained the NetChat.IO IRC network as its root administrator until March 2015. You can find some of my publicly available code on Gitlab.

I blog sometimes, mostly about my code, cloud computing, and other things I'm passionate about. I also have Twitter, where I spend my time retweeting things I wasn't clever enough to come up with myself. I also have a LinkedIn where I talk about more enterprise-level technical things.