Hello, I’m Elliot Speck. I’m an information security consultant and researcher living in Victoria, Australia.

My personal areas of research and expertise lie in cloud computing and containerised architectures, social engineering, user security, and security automation. I also do extensive work with web applications, industrial control systems, secured area networks, and network infrastructure too. I have a strong background in BSD, Linux, macOS, and Windows system administration in both a server and endpoint capacity. I currently work as a principal consultant for Trusted Impact, a specialist information security firm in Australia. Prior to that, I worked at CyberCX.

In my own time I make things that are sort of cool if you squint a bit, disassemble and break things, and help run a myriad of small projects around the internet. Some of my personal work ends up on GitHub. I mostly write Rust and Python, but know a good number of other programming languages too, such as C, Go, JavaScript, Ruby, and TypeScript. I spend a lot of my time around hypervisors and containers, and I’m a huge fan of cloud computing, user security, and security automation.

I run the Rascals Network, a small collection of tinkerers, hackers, and digital dumpster divers looking at various ways to force things to perform undefined behaviour for our own amusement in the hopes of finding something intellectually curious.

I post a lot of opinions on Twitter. They are mostly about information security, internet culture, gaming, or programming.