Building things is hard, let's break stuff.

Hi there, I'm Elliot Speck, alter-ego Aeyris. I'm an OSCP-certified information security consultant living in Victoria, Australia. My focus is on cloud computing and systems security, but I've also done extensive work with web applications, industrial control systems, and network infrastructure too.

I currently work for Sense of Security Australia. In my own time I make things that are sort of cool if you squint a bit, disassemble and break things, and help run a myriad of small projects around the internet. I have a HackerOne profile too, although not much goes on there.

I previously worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers Australia as a cyber security consultant, and RamNode as a virtualisation technician and system administrator.

I have a strong background in Linux, BSD, and Windows system administration in both a server and endpoint capacity. I spend a good deal of my free time time working on making both video games and cloud computing technology perform varying degrees of undefined behaviour for my own amusement.

I know a good number of programming languages, including C, Elixir, Go, Python, and Ruby. I spend a lot of my time around KVM, VMware, and Xen hypervisors as well. Where possible, I share what I know at the StackOverflow and ServerFault communities.

I have a Keybase profile if you need to verify me for some reason, and I somewhat-regularly use Twitter.